Can you remove half a shared chimney stack?

Fume extraction systems

The vast majority of extractor hood models have the possibility of extracting smoke, odors, vapors and grease particles through the classic or traditional system of air extraction through tubes to the outside.

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If you are here it is because you have an extractor hood with tube and you must connect it to the outside to leave your kitchen free of smoke. There are two main modes or types of tubes for the function of extracting the smoke from the extractor hoods. We can define them as rigid tubes and flexible tubes, each one has its advantages, so let’s go with each one.

The difficult thing for this type of tubes is to make the necessary hole to take it to the outside, because not being able to bend them will be more difficult to take them outside and therefore it is also more expensive and can not always be installed due to the space of the kitchen or the house.

When is it mandatory to have smoke venting?

Depending on the type of industrial or commercial activity to be developed in a building or premises, it is mandatory to have a system that has a smoke outlet to the outside and that guarantees the quality of the indoor air.

Why should a fireplace be free-standing?

The insulation of the chimney is fundamental and even more so in the case of a construction chimney, but not only to avoid the cooling of the fumes and therefore the decrease of the draft, but also to avoid the formation of condensates.

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How many meters does a chimney have to be?

The chimney or smoke outlet must have a minimum height of 1 m with respect to the ridge of the building. If there are adjoining buildings, including your terrace, the chimney should be separated from it by at least 3m.

Fume extraction ducts

If you’ve ever forgotten to turn on the fan while trying to get a good crust on a pan full of fish fillets, you’re familiar with the importance of good ventilation. In addition to eliminating unwanted odors, ventilation hoods remove moisture and grease, as well as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and other contaminants that cooking can release into the air.

While these byproducts may simply sound like nuisances, studies have shown that cooking without proper ventilation is one of the causes of poor indoor air quality that can negatively affect your health. That’s why the International Residential Code and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency strongly recommend that homeowners install a vent hood to capture, filter and then exhaust fumes to the outdoors through a vent on an exterior wall or roof.

Hung from the ceiling, stainless steel chimney-style exhaust hood vents steam and odors from a stove island. Pictured: 36-inch Napoli Zephyr island hood, from about $2,010; for dealers.

Which tubes to use for the extractor hood?

Rigid Tubes for Fume Hoods

The rigid tubes are the most recommended in terms of usability of the hood, because as it says rigid or solid will not produce any effect of vibration that can occur in the flexible tubes.

How to make a smoke vent in an apartment?

Smoke outlet through the roof at a minimum height of 1 meter above the dwellings within a radius of fifteen meters. The living area of the dwelling must be greater than 12m3, with a facade greater than 3 meters and a window opening onto the street.

What is the smoke outlet?

What is a smoke outlet? It is a duct that is responsible for transporting the fumes and vapors generated in a kitchen, or even boilers or heaters, to the outside of the building or premises concerned.

Smoke outlet regulations in Colombia

Chimneys and smoke vents in communities is a hot topic. Sometimes, it is necessary to install a smoke outlet in the community. The main reasons are the adaptation of the boiler or the adaptation of a local for, for example, its use in hospitality. However, to open the hole and ready is to play with fire. Before you start to bite, we recommend that you read what you can face.

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First of all, we warn you, the legislation is diffuse, so the courts will decide one way or the other depending on each case. Therefore, we will briefly analyze the possibilities that you can find within the regulations. Later, we will give you some hints to avoid problems in the Board.

Plain and simple. But let’s be clear: we are sure that the installation conditions will also be detailed. If they are followed to the letter, it will only be necessary to communicate the beginning of the works to the president and administrator.

For a long time, when there has been an alteration to the configuration of the building, unanimity has been required at the General Meeting. However, this resulted in the paralysis of the community when there were misunderstandings between neighbors. Therefore, since 2013, the Horizontal Property Law (LPH) in its article 10.3 does admit the approval by majority of 3/5 for the alteration of the structure of the building or the modification of the common areas. However, be careful with this point. If you want to play it safe, get unanimity.

How does a chimney flue work?

The draft of your chimney is the depression that originates at the base of the chimney, as a result of the difference in pressures created by the gases contained in it, i.e., the fumes and the outside air column.

What does chimney of a volcano mean?

The chimney is the conduit through which the magma ascends until it reaches the crater. During its ascent the magma can pull rocks from the walls of the chimney and incorporate them, to be later expelled to the surface. In many volcanoes the conduit consists of a complex system of small fissures.

What is a wood-burning fireplace?

The purpose of a fireplace is to produce heat through the combustion of wood, therefore, once lit, what happens is that the fireplace, through the combustion of the wood, heats the air that enters from outside (which is colder) and this easily goes outside, heating the environment.

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Kitchen exhaust fan outlet

Depending on the type of industrial or commercial activity to be developed in a building or premises, it is mandatory to have a system that has a smoke outlet to the outside and that guarantees the quality of the indoor air.

The regulations classify the quality of the exhaust air, when the air is contaminated with smoke, regardless of the use of the building or premises. The exhaust air flow rate of service premises must be a minimum of 2 dm3/s per m2 of floor area. Kitchens, parking lots, smoking rooms for continuous use, chemical laboratories, etc., are some of the spaces whose exhaust air is categorized as AE 4 (exhaust air with a very high level of contamination).

The CTE establishes that for smoke extraction systems, the fire resistance must be one hour. On the other hand, when it comes to ventilation, such resistance must be at least identical to that of the compartmentalization element through which the contaminated air passes.