Can you soundproof under floorboards?

How to reduce the noise of a wooden floor

When you want to soundproof a room, you have to distinguish between two types of struggles:The first is indispensable for both resting and working at home. The soundproofing in a room brings greater silence.On its side, sound absorption avoids that echo that we hear when we watch TV or when we have recorded us singing, talking, playing an instrument or playing a video game. This echo is caused by the phenomenon of reverberation and, logically, absorption also helps us to avoid disturbing others. The clearest example is that of a restaurant, where many conversions take place: the most respectful take measures to disturb a neighbor as little as possible. Another common reason for soundproofing a room in this way is to be able to play a computer game or an instrument at night without waking up the other members of the family.

The windows are the most important element to soundproof in a room, because it is where most of the noise enters and leaves the room. From the cheapest to the most expensive: The first two involve a minimal investment, while the other two involve more money and time (or hiring a professional). Of course, PVC double-glazed windows provide greater thermal insulation and soundproofing in a room, for example, double glazing creates an empty or mixed-gas air chamber between the two panes of glass. This chamber prevents sound from passing through the panes as easily and therefore will not cause them to vibrate, generating less ambient noise.As with everything else, you have to look at your budget. But good windows are an interesting investment. In this sense, PVC is 1,100 times more insulating than aluminum, which will also be noticeable in the heating and air conditioning bill.

How to soundproof the floor of a house?

The preferred option is the installation of a floating floor, with fiberglass or rock wool in its air chamber. These materials protect the enclosure against fire and are not affected by changes in temperature and humidity, preserving their properties.

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How to insulate a courtyard from noise?

One of the easiest ways to insulate the house from noise is to place carpeting or a very thick carpet, which serves as an obstacle to prevent sound from penetrating and bouncing off the floors. Also curtains and upholstery made of thick fabrics such as velvet, very thick linen, corduroy…

How to reduce machine noise?

We use supports on each leg of the machine or with an anti-vibration bed that contains the machine. This not only reduces the noise level emitted, but also avoids the transmission of vibrations.

Noise insulation for second floor

By choosing a suitable underlayment, we ensure a certain “foundation” between the floorboard and the supporting floor. The underlay serves both to protect the floor and to improve its usage parameters. Even high quality flooring can only demonstrate its full benefits in practice when it is an integral part of a flooring system with the appropriate underlay.

You will not achieve the desired effect unless you use a suitable underlayment and comply with the conditions outlined in the decking manufacturers’ installation manuals. A well-installed floor with a good underlayment ensures that the floor will be comfortable to use on a daily basis.

The installation of the decking should begin once all construction and finishing work has been completed. The space should be dry and have an efficient ventilation system. The ambient temperature of the installation space should be between +18 and +23 °C, and the supporting floor should have the same temperature. The floor must be installed on a stable and level substrate with a maximum deviation of 2 mm over a length of 200 cm. The backing of a laminate floor must be dry and clean. As wood and laminate are very sensitive to humidity, it is necessary to check the humidity of the substrate, because a humidity of more than 2 % invalidates the manufacturer’s warranty.

How do I isolate my neighbor’s noise?

How to insulate a wall from noise without building work

Nowadays the most practical and economical method is by means of 3 cm thick extruded polystyrene tongue and groove panels, directly glued or screwed on the support itself, i.e. the wall or the ceiling.

How to insulate noise economically?

The most economical way to eliminate floor noise is to install carpets and rugs on the floor. They reduce noise levels and function as effective thermal insulation. Both carpets and fabrics have sound-absorbing properties.

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How to isolate the noise in a machine room?

We can confine sound to the machine room by completely lining the walls with our acoustic panels. This solution will absorb sound inside the room, allowing minimal noise to escape, making it bearable to work near the machine in a small space.

Acoustic insulation for ceramic tile floors

I wanted to share this proposal for floor insulation by minimizing the use of synthetic materials in a system of double stripes on a wooden slab. I would like to say that the OSB floor would be provisional to continue with the work and that there would always be time to add more mass with a sheet that gives more mass and a floating or similar. The walls will be mounted on this OSB, so that if I get the floor without contact with the floor slab, the walls will also be (in principle).

– Fill up to the height of the first strip with silica sand. I have come to the conclusion, talking with my architect, that it eliminates very well the impact noise and vibrations and brings a lot of mass to the whole (approx 2600kg/m3). In addition, we avoid making mortar, concrete or similar and we build dry.

The studio is on the second floor. The beams are the forged of the second floor and the board is the ceiling that can be seen from the first floor. On top of that board there is a vapor sheet that goes in the architectural project. It could contain the sand.

What can cause vibrations at home?

The noise caused by certain household appliances such as heating, air conditioning and even the plumbing system itself generates vibrations in the home that can affect our health.

Why does my house vibrate?

The different types of vibrations that appear in the urban environment are generally transmitted by machinery that we commonly use for many of the daily tasks in our home, such as the air conditioning unit, the heating system, the water pipes, the water treatment plant, etc….

How to insulate sound with egg cartons?

Hang the cardboard boxes on the wall. Use staples to attach the tape flaps to the soft materials on the wall. Line up the cartons edge to edge with the sides facing out. Join each carton separately rather than connecting them together.

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How to isolate the noise from one floor to another one

For the floor: first we would make a perimeter with rock wool, then we will place porexpan, on this one a fonpex type sheet raised about 10 cm to the rock wool of the perimeter. Finally, a 5 cm screed of quartzite mortar is laid on top of the fonpex sheet.

On the other hand you know that you need to soundproof but you do not say how much. The recipes that you glimpse have an efficiency that can fall short of a municipal license of activities so it is imperative that these solutions go through an engineer who studies every detail.

The problem of the floor screed is that its weight ends up compressing the lower insulation, so that over time it loses its effectiveness, as I believe it is necessary to place rubber plugs every 1.5-2 m2 to prevent the screed from crushing the insulation.

As for the question of the subject, my common sense tells me that the first thing to do is the floor first and then the linings, because if it is necessary to increase the insulation, it will be easier to do it.

But the best way is to make a floating floor screed and support on it the wall linings and partitions. In this case you should also make the partitions with plasterboard because a reinforced screed of 8/10 cm. It will hold you well