Do you need planning permission to put up scaffolding?

Requirements to install scaffolding

You have to apply for a minor works permit specifying the use of scaffolding, for which you must present a scaffolding safety certificate issued by a qualified technician, in addition to other documentation that varies from town hall to town hall. In some city councils they ask for a copy of the civil liability insurance of the company that is going to do the work. In addition you have to pay the ICIO, the town hall fees and in some cases, as in the town hall of Mislata, the sidewalk occupation fee.

At least you have to have a building permit and then all the security issues and if you have to occupy a public road another license. Everything depends on the work, but the best thing to do is to talk to the quantity surveyor of the town hall.

Remember that the building permit that you will pay is calculated based on the cost of the works that you carry out. If the work is of certain importance it is possible that also they demand you in the City council a Project of works or at least a valued Memory and a Direction of work of Competent Technician (Architect or Quantity Surveyor).

Who can erect scaffolding?

When is a building permit required?

Works of general or partial restructuring of the building, such as the construction of a staircase or the redistribution of the interior space. – Works of reinforcement of the structure of the building. – Change of use of the building, for example, from commercial premises to dwellings.

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When is a scaffolding project necessary?

In the case of variable level suspended platforms (manually operated or motorized), temporarily installed on a building or structure for specific tasks, and mast climbing work platforms.

Permission to put scaffolding in the street.

It is not necessary to wait for the City Council to authorize the work. It can be started once it has been brought to the attention of the City Council: the same day it is indicated that it is going to start or, failing that, the day it is presented. It is necessary that the documentation required for each procedure is complete.

In the cases of minor works subject to license, because they affect buildings or urban sets catalogued, declared Good of Cultural Interest or in its surroundings, it will have to abstain to carry out the works as long as it is not granted by express resolution.

In the case of radio and television receiving antennas: Certification of the official accreditation of the company responsible for the minor telecommunications works and installations and, if applicable, certificate issued by the competent technician of the operating company or owner of the installations that justifies the adaptation of the same to the regulations contained in the special Ordinance for these installations and that these do not produce visual impact.

How should a tubular scaffold be covered?

Working platforms located at a height of more than 2m. must be protected by a metal railing with a minimum height of 1m., an intermediate bar at a height of 50 cm. and a toeboard with a minimum height of 15 cm. This protection must be present around the entire perimeter of the mobile work towers.

What is an assembly plan?

Assembly process planning is used to create assembly process plans and serviceability documentation. A process plan can include the following tasks: Define the steps of an assembly manufacturing process or a disassembly process.

What works do not require a permit?

As we have already mentioned, the works that do not require a license are very small and among them we can find: the replacement of welds, sanding of parquet floors, replacement of the internal electrical network, painting inside the home, replacement of tiling, replacement or repairs of electrical connections, etc….

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Scaffolding maintenance

Certified copy of the civil liability insurance for a minimum amount of $800,000 -or updated value-, with a clause of Co-Insured by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, for the specific act and a non-repetition clause.

You will have to download it from the web page, fill it out in paper format, sign it and then upload it through the Distance Processing System of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires to the electronic application file.

Remember that if you have unsubscribed from the City Government’s e-mails, you will not be able to receive the appointment confirmation e-mail, so you must contact 147 to provide an alternative e-mail address.

What works do not require a building permit?

When is a building permit not required? In the following cases you do not need a license. If you are going to make minor repairs, such as: change of floors, remodeling of bathrooms and kitchen, internal painting of the building and hydraulic, electrical or gas networks.

How much does the City Council charge for the building permit?

In general, the price of the building permit usually ranges between 2% and 6% of the total budget of the work to be executed, without taking into account the VAT. Taking as an example a work whose budget is about €20,000, the cost of the building permit could be between €400 and €1,200.

How are scaffolds classified?

Scaffolds are classified: 4.1 According to the predominant material in their structure into: A = wooden scaffolding; B = metal scaffolding; and C = mixed scaffolding. 4.2 According to their form of support: (see figure).

Standard tubular scaffolding

This is a serious problem when it comes to raising funds for these rehabilitation works, so more and more options are being explored to alleviate these expenses such as applying for a grant for rehabilitation by the municipal administration. If it is necessary to undertake a rehabilitation of the main facade of the building, there is the possibility of installing an exterior advertising on the scaffolding that can bring economic benefits to the community.

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In its art. 6.3 it also indicates that “The advertising license will always be for a limited period of time”. In art. 11.1 it is clearly indicated that the works and activities of identification and advertising are subject to prior municipal license with the exceptions that are derived from the ordinance and those that in special cases can be determined by the mayor’s office.

For all the above mentioned, it is quite clear that if we install an advertisement on a facade scaffolding without making the corresponding application for licenses, the community would run the risk of being sanctioned. However, if we really want to opt for the possibility of advertising on our scaffolding, we should contact advertising companies that will surely inform us of all the regulations to be followed.