Does upholstery fabric need to be fire retardant?

Flame-retardant fabric for curtains

For example, fabrics made with thermo fusible fibers, which until now have reached an M.1 classification, can reach CLASS 1 as a suspended element, but when they are tested for the flammability assessment of upholstered furniture, they may not comply with these standards unless they are used with flame retardant foams, a flame retardant coating is applied, or they are used together with a barrier fabric, so it is very important to know the behavior of your materials with respect to these standards, and thus be able to make the appropriate modifications in the articles according to their use.

Keep in mind that it is not the same to make curtains for theaters with fireproof fabrics, or to upholster seats that come already from origin, that is to say, that the fabrics have been manufactured with yarns already previously transformed into fireproof, than if we had to install a non-flammable curtain and apply a treatment on the fabric.

Flame retardant upholstery fabrics

Exquisite upholstery in many corners of the apartment; without curtains because one of her preferences in decoration is the reception of direct light. Besides, as she does not have neighbors very close, she can afford it.

From Tapicería Bas3 we encourage you to surprise your loved ones this Christmas with a very special gift wrapping, the furoshiki. You will be able to wrap square, round, elongated shapes like bottles, two objects at the same time… The possibilities are many and the advantages too. The furoshiki is more than just a beautiful wrapping, it allows us to reuse it, thus helping to protect the environment and our pockets.

Although it is most common to use bright fabrics, the choice of color or print is up to the consumer. For example, here we have chosen a natural fabric and played with the print, creating a bunny-shaped pad and another in the shape of a star. Using special fabric paint, you can create a personalized print with figurative shapes, abstract shapes, initials…

Fabric fr

Commercial 95 is a high quality, high strength fabric developed specifically for outdoor exposure. It is a strong and stable fabric used in a wide variety of applications such as tension structures and shade sails.

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Everyone likes to enjoy the outdoors and Soltis Veozip is the ideal fabric for extending living space and creating a stylish and warm atmosphere. It preserves outward visibility thanks to its transparency and filters up to 95% of UV radiation.

Flame retardant fabric to buy

Suppliers tend to stretch their vacations back and forth, i.e., they usually close orders between the second and third week of July and then return in September. The same goes for Christmas; orders are usually closed during the first two weeks of December and then the goods are not delivered again until after Christmas. This has to be for organizational reasons, so that they can take inventory and manage the stock behind closed doors.

For what we are interested in now, we must be clear about one thing: after July 15 or December 15 we are already in the discount zone. We can dispose of the material or not, depending on issues that are beyond the control of the workshop or upholstery store. We are outside the certainty zone. The same happens from January 1 to 10 and from September 1 to 10: manufacturers have to restock and we will not always have any material available.

In conclusion, we must anticipate as much as possible in order to be able to carry out the work on the material of the quality we want and in the best possible conditions. In this way we will also avoid problems with delivery times which, it must also be said, is an important element in satisfaction.

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