How can I stop people from parking in front of my house in India?

Cyclists on public roads

Knowing the traffic rules that cyclists must comply with should not be a big problem, as they do not differ greatly from traffic rules for any other means of transport. While there are some specific rules for urban cyclists.

-I was told that cyclists must ride on the shoulder of the opposite direction (left side) of the road. FALSE, we don’t know why but this false belief is quite widespread. What traffic says in this regard is that pedestrians riding on interurban roads without sidewalks must ride on the left shoulder, to see vehicles coming from the front. But a bicycle is not a pedestrian, bicycles must always circulate respecting the direction of traffic.

-How do I check my speed? I don’t have an odometer, so I can’t be fined. They can and, if you commit an infraction, they must fine you. This is again a safety issue, if you are not able to control “by eye” your speed, respect others and yourself by acquiring an odometer and complying with the current regulations.


“I used to work out at my local YMCA during my lunch break from work. After I received an email at my work address from a guy who approached me at the gym to introduce himself, I changed my lunch break to avoid him. In his email, he said he had followed me when I left the gym and saw the building I parked in, so he was able to find out my email address.”-Leah

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“I started looking for women-only gyms after three guys stopped doing their own workouts to gawk at me while I did mine. Every time I walked past them, one of them would make nasty comments about me. One in particular was licking his lips looking at me while I was doing squats, which got on my nerves so much that I had to stop and go to another part of the gym. And it wasn’t an isolated event. I even started working out in a park near my house, and then a man would sit and watch me work out with a nasty grin on his face. For all that, I now pay 120 € more and go to a women-only gym, and so I can do sports in peace.” -Makyla

When there is a concentration of people on the public road that the driver must perform.

I completely agree, my yorkside has changed my perception of things, he saved me from the loss of my mother, he feels when you are sad and although I have children, he is the only one who is willing to go out on the street. They are great, it’s a pity he can’t come with me everywhere, some people are bothered by the presence of a dog.

Nobody in this world waits for me like them, nobody in this world supports me like them, they don’t see me as strange or extraordinary, but as I am with them, they have given me a perfect family, and best of all I don’t need to brag about anything, my little animals, they are not the most handsome, nor intelligent, but it is not necessary either, but that, yes. They are my animals

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I couldn’t help smiling while reading the article. A lot of things reminded me of my departed Trasgo. Anyway, maybe it sounds corny to say it, but from now on you will have a light to illuminate your life, even when I’m not there.

I’m more of a cat person, but reading the article I see that the dog issue is quite different. Cats are much more their own thing, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t great. In fact, now it’s time for the next article but dedicated to felines :)

Cyclists must ride on the bike path but not on the bicycle lane.

This person spreads a series of arguments not entirely accurate, to appeal these fines of “blue zone”, and therefore, we thought it appropriate to devote a few lines to answer this question: how to appeal these fines?

First of all, we will say something that, although obvious, may seem unnecessary, but that will surely save us a lot of trouble: we must try to put the famous ticket on the windshield of the vehicle, if we park in an area where it is mandatory to do so. This gesture will save us later headaches, in the form of fines and penalties.

Therefore, we can do nothing at that moment, that is to say, not to put the 3 € in the machine to cancel the false fine, and wait for the agreement of the City Council, of initiation of the sanctioning procedure.

If we get the agreement of initiation, by mail NOT CERTIFIED, the recommendation is not to do anything (or pay the fine, or make allegations), because the Administration has no record of the offense, the first thing to do is to notify the complaint at the address of the owner of the vehicle. We only have to let the statute of limitations period pass.

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