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No, the tube is not filled with striped toothpaste, but with white toothpaste.The trick to the lines lies in the exit of the tube, whose neck has perforations and a ring with colored gel. When the tube is squeezed, the toothpaste advances by pressing on the neck and causing the colored gel to emerge through the perforations that run along the inside of the nozzle at the top of the tube. The gel thus permeates the surface of the white paste that comes out and transforms it into two-color paste.

Safety in civil construction works pdf peru

The lectures are in English, but they are of great importance for Geotechnical Engineering, since previously, we had to limit ourselves with trying to get the document in a memory, and today we can access the presentation, as if we had attended, in the front row, with the advantage of being able to pause, rewind or repeat them, for better understanding.

12th Ralph B. Peck Lecture (2010) – Dr. Izzat M Idriss – Contributions of Field Case Histories to Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

27th Annual GeoEngineering Distinguished Lecture Series – ASCE – UC Berkeley (2009) – Juan M. Pestana – New Challenges in Geomechanics: The Role of Modeling in Geotechnical Engineering Practice – Nuevos Desafíos en Geomecánica: El Rol del Modelo en la Práctica de la Ingeniería Geotécnica

I consider essential to have this testimony in the blog, which reflects the strength and intellectual complexity of its author when facing the Academy, at the same level, a trait that transcends to his extensive literary work of technical and scientific character, contributing and remaining until today, as a reference in the formation of Geotechnical Engineers.

Safety in civil construction works

We see that the ancients sought to have the tallest men available for service, for the normal height for the cavalry of the wings and the first legionary cohorts was fixed at one meter and seventy-seven centimeters2, or at least at one meter and seventy-two centimeters3. Such measurements could be maintained at that time when so many followed the profession of arms and it was the custom of the flower of Roman youth before devoting themselves to the civil service of the State. But when necessity dictated, a man’s height was not looked upon so much as his strength; and as an example of this we have the authority of Homer, who tells us that the deficiency in stature of Tydeus was amply compensated for by his vigor and courage.

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The recruit, however, should not receive the military mark4 as soon as he is enlisted. It must first be judged whether he is fit for service, that he has sufficient strength and nerve; whether he has ability to learn his duty, and whether he possesses sufficient military courage. Many, though promising in appearance, prove unsuitable after training. Those are to be rejected and replaced by better men; for it is not quantity, but courage that triumphs.