How do I convert my garage into a room?

Garage design for small houses

The first thing to do before starting the work is to consult the regulations. The guidelines will be set by the General Town Planning Plan of the City Council to which the garage belongs and the Technical Building Code.  This provides us with information on the accessibility, habitability and health and safety conditions that are required.

Once we are sure that the Consistory allows a work of these characteristics and we obtain the license that authorizes the change of use of the property, we will have to request to the City council the corresponding work permissions. For it, it will be necessary to present a project of edificabilidad, written by a study of architecture, where all the characteristics that will have the new housing appear.

Usually, a garage does not have a large surface area. Therefore, every square meter counts to achieve a comfortable space. The architect will be responsible for achieving a project that achieves the best technical solutions in terms of space distribution. He will also be in charge of deciding which are the most suitable materials to make the space habitable.

How much does it cost to fix a garage?

The average cost to renovate the garage is approximately € 3500. The price can vary between 750€ and 10500€, and is fixed depending on the amount and complexity of the work required.

How much does it cost to convert a garage into a home in California?

For your information the average cost of converting a garage into a home in Los Angeles, ranges from $40,000 to $90,000 all depending on the type of project and the materials and accessories to be used in the aesthetics and appeal of the project. The higher the elegance of course the estimate and cost will increase.

How big should a 2-car garage be?

Generally, a garage or carport that can fit two cars in width would be 5 x 6 meters. This would guarantee enough space to be able to enter and exit the cars with ease, avoiding that, when opening and closing the doors, they would hit the walls or the car next to them.

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How to transform a garage into a living room

A garage converted into a living room is an alternative that will allow you to take advantage of a space with the possibility of selling or renting. The case is to obtain a profitability to that garage that until now has not produced benefits to you. It does not matter if the garage is independent or belongs to a single-family house. We have prepared for you some ideas to convert a garage into a house. You will be surprised!

The first of them is the one that authorizes the change of use of a property. Once this change is consented, it is necessary to apply for a building permit that allows the reform of the space. This implies the need to hire an architect to develop the necessary technical project. Finally, once the works have been completed, it is necessary to request the first occupancy license, which will be granted once it has been verified that the property complies with all the above-mentioned requirements. Once the property has been registered, it can be deeded before a notary, in order to register it in the Land Registry.

What are the dimensions of a garage?

The height of a garage must be 2.40 m. minimum. For the opening, the expected dimensions are at least 2.40 m. (length) x 2.20 m.

How much space does a car take up in a garage?

The minimum dimensions of the boxes, in large and medium cars in battery, 5 x 2.4m, 12 meters m2 for each one in cordon 6 x 2.4m, and small cars in batteries 4.2 x 2.2.2 m 9.24 m2 for each one and in cordon 5 x 2m.

How long and wide is a car in meters?

cars have grown 7 cm in width and 2 cm in length.

The average size of vehicles is 1.80 m wide plus mirrors and 4 m long, but many new models exceed these measurements.

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Converting a garage into a bedroom

Garages converted into living quarters? It’s possible! If you want to get rid of the accumulation and turn your garage into a kind of mono-room to use as a guest room or simply a leisure space, follow these tips.Another factor to take into account when converting the garage into a house is the thermal insulation, since garages are usually cold in winter and hot in summer. If you want to avoid both cold and heat and the installation of an air conditioner is out of your budget, the best alternative is to insulate walls and ceilings with materials such as cork, glass wool or styrofoam. For more ideas for your garage, read on! How to turn a garage into a bedroom

Temperature To maintain a regular temperature without suffering from very cold or hot days, we recommend you to invest in a good thermal insulation in walls and ceilings, or in an air conditioning system.

Carpet the floor. Carpets not only make daily cleaning easier, avoiding mopping every week, but they are also perfect for a playroom and for tripping. Being a soft surface, it helps cushion the falls of children, who run from one end to the other.

How to calculate parking space?

To calculate the number of available parking spaces according to the area occupied by each parking lot, the effective area is calculated, which is estimated at 60% of the total area, since the remaining 40% corresponds to spaces for vehicle circulation.

How many parking spaces per square meter?

The regulation published in the Official Gazette establishes that: Homes: may be built without parking spaces and each may have a maximum of three parking spaces. Self-service stores, department stores and shopping centers: one parking space for every 25 square meters.

How many square meters is a parking space?

You will have to measure the length from the middle of the line of your parking space to the line or wall on the opposite side, and then do the same with the width. Multiplying the meters of length with the meters of width, you will be able to know the square meters that your parking space has.

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How to make a studio apartment in a garage

With a little care and help, any homeowner can turn their garage into a haven of peace. If you don’t know what to do with that space, here are some ideas to explore, consider and implement in your own home.

If you’ve been denied the right to renovate or expand your property, but desperately need another room, why not consider turning your garage into an alternative living space? Not all garages are equipped for people to live in, due to insulation and heat issues. However, it is possible to renovate this space to make it livable. For example, you can consider installing heated floors or carpeting over the concrete floor to create a warm atmosphere.

Is your garage abandoned or unused? Has it become a repository of unwanted stuff that has accumulated and may never be of use? A practical and cost-effective solution would be to turn it into a creative home studio.

Instead of building an extension over the house, why not repurpose the garage and use it as a space for your own creative needs: perhaps you have always wanted to practice painting, photography, sculpture or ceramics?