How much money will an alligator bring?


Did you know that the caiman needle is one of eleven species of crocodiles that inhabit the Americas? And not only that! Six of them are also found in Colombia, covering coastal areas of the Pacific and the Caribbean.

At the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century, due to constant hunting in national territory, the Caiman aguja became extinct both in coastal areas of the Caribbean and the inter-Andean valleys, as well as in insular zones, bringing the species to critical levels. Therefore, today, it is catalogued as “vulnerable” in the red list of the International Union for Conservation of Nature – IUCN.

Perhaps the most difficult task was to find arguments so that other inhabitants of the region would decide to stop hunting this animal and, furthermore, to generate conditions for its development. With this need, a forceful discourse began to be used. This species helps to oxygenate the water bodies with its coming and going, keeping the canals clean. Likewise, because they have a slow metabolism, they produce amino acids (organic compounds) that combine to form proteins and provide this “fertilizer” to the system, generating food that the fish consume in the first stages of life.

IMF tax havens

To overcome that apparent weakness, on November 20, Real Madrid and Providence signed a partial amendment to the contract of 10 days earlier in which the two Cayman Islands companies guaranteed the club payment of 175 million euros through a letter of credit issued by a Citibank branch in Tampa, Florida.

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In addition to reputational problems, the club faced other, more onerous risks, fiscal ones. “Given this structure, easily verifiable by the Tax Agency, the exemption from withholding on Real Madrid’s payments to PQ VII SARL, because it is a company resident in the EU, will almost certainly be questioned by the Tax Agency, which will reclassify the payments considering the beneficial owner, in this case, a tax haven, and therefore forcing Real Madrid to withhold 24% on the payments to Providence,” warned the club’s financial director on October 30.

But there is a second risk beyond taxation, explains the CFO: the Treasury could deny the 25% corporate tax deduction on the remuneration paid by the club to the fund, which the latter considers an expense. Some 15 million euros for the 65 million euros of interest mentioned above, but that could be much more if the tax authorities were to make an “extreme and asymmetrical interpretation” and also question the deduction of the 200 million euros that Real Madrid has to pay back to Providence.

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Eliodoro, Bernardo and Patricia Matte are ranked 683rd in the Forbes world ranking of billionaires, with a fortune of US$2.8 billion. On April 17, Eliodoro Matte acknowledged that “we have financed candidates through reserved contributions”. He also categorically ruled out that his group contributes through ballots, and denied pressures for candidates benefited by his companies’ wallets. “I have never called a congressman to ask him to vote in this or that sense for a project”, he affirmed.

Banco de Chile, of the Luksic Group, has made permanent contributions: in 2004, 2005, 2012 and 2013. These are in addition to donations from its subsidiaries: Banchile Corredores de Bolsa, Banchile Factoring and Banchile Administradora General de Fondos.

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And the other economic groups? It has already been said that the Yarur Group contributes through eight companies, all linked to Banco BCI and its insurance, brokerage, factoring, fund management and financial advisory businesses. The list of donors includes three companies from the Said Group, including Parque Arauco, and two from the Cueto Group: Latam Airlines and Lan Cargo. The Security Group appears with six, starting with the bank of the same name.

International Monetary Fund

The camp is one of the most important places in Red Dead Redemption 2. In it we can get a lot of advantages and improving it is essential to unlock important elements of Rockstar Games’ game, such as fast travel between zones. To give you an idea of what can be achieved thanks to the camp, we have prepared this new chapter of our guide to Red Dead Redemption 2 in which we explain what are all the improvements of the camp and how to improve it.

Camp upgrades can be done after completing one of the first Leopold Stratuss quests. To do this, you have to open the account book in Dutch’s store and there choose which camp upgrade you want to make. Each camp improvement has a price to be paid, or specific crafting materials, so you will always have to have money if you want to improve your camp. Luckily, we have already explained how to get infinite money in Red Dead Redemption 2.