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Order viv 561 2010

IMPORTANT NOTICEWith your safety in mind and in order to reduce the number of movements on the aircraft, we recommend that you hand in your cabin baggage at our check-in counters free of charge and that you enter the aircraft only with your personal accessory (handbag or briefcase).

Location of hand luggage on board Remember that for your personal accessory to travel with you in the aircraft cabin, it must comply with the permitted dimensions (max 40 x 30x 15cm) and must always be placed under the seat in front of you.

IB8XXX flights operated by Air Nostrum: you can carry a piece of luggage of 8 kg maximum with dimensions not exceeding 45x35x20cm. Baggage that does not comply with these regulations will be removed at the boarding gate and will be delivered in the same place upon arrival at the destination airport.

At the boarding gate, hand luggage (or accessory) that does not comply with these regulations, i.e., that exceeds the quantity and/or measurements indicated above, will be removed and loaded in the hold of the aircraft, with an additional cost per bag per trip.

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Is the list of clothes, shoes, accessories or cosmetics for your trip endless or, no matter how much you check it, you always see it incomplete? What you have to be clear about is that, if you want to travel with hand luggage on the plane, you can’t take it all, because you must respect the airlines’ regulations. These rules, by the way, seem to be more and more numerous and complicated.

There are airlines where hand luggage allowances vary depending on the class or fare you are traveling in.  For example, Ryanair allows you to bring your cabin bag on the plane as long as you pay the priority boarding fee. On the other hand, Iberia allows Business Plus Largo Radio class passengers to travel with two carry-on bags no larger than 56x42x25 cm.

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There are airlines that will allow you to carry one more piece of luggage in addition to your carry-on bag, as well as other items that you carry with you. These items that you can carry in the cabin without having to pay for them can be: a warm garment, a shawl, an umbrella, crutches, a cane or walker, a briefcase, a handbag, a bag, a suitcase, a wallet, a laptop computer and a bag with items purchased in the Duty Free stores at the airport of departure. In addition, if you are traveling with a baby, you can bring a bag with food, drinks and necessary items to change them during the flight.

Hand luggage vueling

The resulting dispersion of standards and the lack of a unifying reference point have led to the existence of different technical criteria, calling into question the equality between people with disabilities in different Autonomous Communities and leading to the application of a partial and discontinuous concept of accessibility in cities.

These and other solutions and parameters render obsolete, due to their greater or more precise requirements, those of other regulations in force. The purpose of all this is to implement the changes proposed by the Royal Decree, while taking into account the contents of the approved regional regulations, technical standards and international good practice.

2. A pedestrian route is the part of the pedestrian use area intended specifically for the transit of people, including areas shared permanently or temporarily between them and vehicles.

b) Throughout its development, it shall have a clear passage width of not less than 1.80 m, guaranteeing turning, crossing and change of direction for people regardless of their characteristics or mode of travel.

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A private car can carry cargo

It should be clarified that for the installation of an elevator to be considered feasible, it must be located in an area that can be reached in an accessible way from the street, i.e. without intermediate steps at zero level.  Therefore, it is necessary to choose an elevator shaft that can be reached in this way.

This is the main key when installing an elevator. First of all we have to know the standard measures for the placement of an accessible elevator, which are those included in the Technical Building Code in its document DB SUA.

These dimensions are probably completely unfeasible for many existing buildings. Therefore, the elevator will have to be installed in the available or most feasible shaft with the minimum possible dimensions. Although they cannot be used by wheelchair users, at least they could be used by elderly users or users with reduced mobility.

The minimum width of the shaft will depend on each commercial house, but it is considered that it is not feasible to place an elevator in a shaft of less than 70 cm. In this case, the depth should be slightly greater, at least 1 meter deep. In this shaft will fit an elevator with a cabin of 0.60 m x 0.90 m, which will be valid for one or two people at most. Therefore, we can consider the minimum shaft for the installation of a 0.70 m x 1.00 m elevator.