What are the rules for photography competition?

Objective of a photography contest

The main inspiration for Las Rutas de El legado andalusí is its commitment to cultural tourism, as well as care for the environment and respect for the most ancestral traditions and customs.

Sustainable tourism is an industry committed primarily to a low impact on the environment and local cultures, while helping to generate income and employment for the local population.

The 2021 edition will revolve around the Tangible Immovable Heritage existing along the Routes of The Andalusian Legacy. The immovable tangible heritage is made up of places, sites, buildings, engineering works, industrial centers, architectural ensembles, typical areas and monuments of interest or relevant value from the architectural, archaeological, historical, artistic or scientific point of view, recognized and registered as such.  These immovable cultural properties are human works or productions that cannot be moved from one place to another, either because they are structures (for example, a building) or because they are inseparably related to the land (for example, an archaeological site).

Online photo contest

Now I had to be on the other side and I was asked to write the rules for a contest. So my first step was to review a few (quite a few) contests to choose the best of each one of them, both for the participant (photographer) and for the organizing company, which must also make a profit, because that’s why they are the ones who pay the money for the prizes (photographers).

First I elaborated a draft, which I sent to several photographers who regularly participate in contests, as well as to the association “STOP ABUSIVE CLAUSES TO PHOTOGRAPHERS” so that they could also give us their point of view and/or suggestions.

3rd WORKS: Each participant may submit a maximum of five works, being these original and unpublished and not having been submitted previously in other contests, websites or any other digital or printed media.

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The photographs may not be altered electronically or by any other means. Photomontages will not be accepted. Minimal color and luminosity corrections will be allowed, in case of doubts, the jury may ask the author for the Raw file for verification.

Basis of a photography contest

Entering a photography contest is one of the most exciting challenges for amateur photographers and an incentive for many professionals. Not only for the prize, which can be a blessing in these times, but also for the recognition of the effort. Today we are going to see how to enter a photo contest and have a chance of winning it.

But it’s not easy to win a contest. And it is complicated to choose which one to enter. Because we like the prize, because of the theme, because of who organizes it? As a contestant you have to look at the rules carefully to find out if it is a contest that aims to promote photography or simply has other obscure objectives. And of course to comply with them, because not everything is rights, but also obligations.

It is extremely simple and although it may seem pointless, you have no choice but to comply. Or simply not to participate. There is also the possibility of phoning and asking. Normally nothing usually happens and they will answer you without any problems if you have any doubts about the rules.

Photo contests

Registration forms and photographs must be submitted between May 1 and June 22, 2018. The deadline is June 22, 2018 at 00:00 (GMT +2). No photograph or entry will be accepted after this date.

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Submissions that contain images of an individual who has not consented to appear in the submitted photograph, or that include features or logos that would require the UNCCD to request permission to use them, will not be accepted in this competition.

Step 2: After the aforementioned registration, the photograph must be uploaded to the Dropbox domain prepared for file uploading. Participants do not have to have a Dropbox account in order to submit their photo. The name of the participant and the file name of the photograph must be the same as in the registration form (otherwise it will not be possible to know from whom the image was sent once it is received).

The UNCCD accepts no responsibility for technical interference or other interruptions that may prevent the submission of the photograph. By submitting your photograph, you agree to these Rules and Conditions of Entry. The UNCCD expressly reserves its right to exclude images if entrants do not comply with these Rules and Conditions or in the case of suspicion for cause. The rules may be modified at any time by the UNCCD, in which case they will be announced by the UNCCD.