What does the phrase Chinese fire drill mean?

To look and sniff the air before diving What does the word sniff mean in the text?

During a magnitude earthquake, you may hear a roaring or rumbling sound that gradually increases. You may have a rocking sensation that starts gently and, within a second or two, becomes violent.

You may first be shaken by a violent movement. A second or two later, you may feel a violent shaking that makes it difficult to stand still or move from room to room.

Stock up now on emergency supplies that can be used after an earthquake. These supplies should include a first aid kit, survival kits for home, car and work, plus emergency food and water. Store enough supplies for at least three days.

National Center for Environmental Health, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), National Center for Injury and Violence Prevention and Control (NCIPC), National Center for Environmental Health, National Center for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), and National Center for Injury and Violence Prevention and Control (NCIPC).

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The eternal love-hate relationship between Jim (John Krasinski) and Dwight (Rainn Wilson) has given us some of the best moments of The Office. One of them is undoubtedly when Jim “disguises” himself as Dwight (Episode 20, Season 3).

Jim arrives at the office like any other day, but this time in a mustard-colored short-sleeved shirt, matching striped tie and slicked-back hair. To all this he then adds a pair of glasses and starts imitating Dwight, who, for a change, becomes furious and accuses Jim of stealing his identity.

A histrionic guy like Michael Scott (Steve Carell) could not stay out of such a trend: that’s why in the beginning of the first episode of the sixth season, we see how, along with Andy (Ed Helms) and Dwight, his two inseparable minions, start the day doing some parkour in the best The Office style.

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But there’s one in particular he can’t stand. Not only can’t stand him, he hates him, he can’t even see him. I’m sure you know who he is: Toby Flenderson (Paul Liberstein) from Human Resources. Such is Michael’s dislike of him that he has no problem saying it to his face every chance he gets. That’s why, in double episode #18/19 of season 4, where Toby says goodbye to the office to move to Costa Rica, Michael throws a party to celebrate the fact that he’ll never see him again.

Grizzly bear Q&A.

A very large Asian woman, sometimes dressed as a sumo wrestler, who gives a lapdance to a man. The dancer dumps a load of fried rice on the man’s lap, then starts dancing it, which causes a chemical reaction in the dancer’s ass and inflates it like a balloon.

“I hear a Chinese load is the best lapdance you can get in that bar in Chinatown. Better than any whore by far!”The word: CHINESE FIREDRILLThe meaning: An ol skoo game you play while driving. Your car needs to be full of people. When stopped at a red light, you park the car and then ALL passengers (driver included) get out of the car and quickly switch to random positions elsewhere inside the vehicle. The goal is to accomplish this before the light turns green …. Otherwise, you’re screwed.Example: It’s funny when the passengers are taken by surprise and the driver suddenly yells “CHINESE FIRRRILL !!!” and everyone is hella frantic.

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