What is a Band B council tax?

Which is the municipal tax system

The rebate for mortgage debts will be from twenty to forty percent of the balance of the capital value of the debt, without exceeding fifty percent of the commercial value of the respective property; and, For the purposes of the above calculations, only the capital balance will be considered, according to the certificates of the institutions of the financial system, of the Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security, or according to the table of application coefficients to be prepared by the municipalities.

How much property tax is paid

On the other hand, in tax matters, section 7 of Article 134 of the Constitution provides that the Budget Law cannot create taxes, although it can modify them when a substantive tax law so provides.

Matters which fall outside these provisions are matters outside the scope of the General State Budget Law. Thus, the content of the Law is constitutionally limited – unlike what happens with other Laws, whose content is, in principle, unlimited – within the scope of the State’s competence and with the exclusions inherent to matters reserved to an Organic Law.

The foregoing does not prevent the duty to comply with the commitment to budgetary stability enshrined in the Constitution, moving towards a scenario of fiscal consolidation and financial sustainability in the medium term which will enable the requirements of budgetary balance derived from the European Fiscal Pact to be met, as soon as the circumstances which gave rise to this extraordinary situation so permit.

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How is the property tax calculated in Ecuador?

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Property tax

Doctors Humberto Diez and Germán Ruetti analyze the consequences of the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation in the case “Gasnor S.A.”, where the highest national court reiterates and ratifies the constitutional punishment of municipal taxes disguised as fees.

(a) those taxes instituted with questionable breadth and generality, which describe -in their hypothesis of incidence- general benefits and services of impossible singularization in the head of the obligor;

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(c) those taxes which describe divisible services and which are -in fact- rendered by the active subject, but which adopt as a quantifying parameter a very broad and even extraterritorial index of contributive capacity -the gross income of the passive subject-.

Recently, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation once again dealt with and resolved the problems indicated in a) and b). In fact, it ruled -in favor of the taxpayer- a declaratory action of certainty filed by the company “Gasnor SA against the Municipality of La Banda of the Province of Santiago del Estero” in connection with the constitutional challenge brought against the local tax called “Municipal Services Tax on Commercial, Industrial and Service Activities”.