What is a flat nose school bus called?

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Buses provide service 24 hours a day. Although after 10 p.m. the frequency is reduced at the discretion of the provider of each line, the company is obliged to provide a service, at most, every 30 minutes.

The first line in the city ran on September 24, 1928. It departed from Primera Junta, stopped at Plaza Flores and ended at Lacarra and Rivadavia. Soon after, the services were united in a company called Primera (The historian Julio A. Luqui Lagleyze[7] argues that although this was indeed the first bus in the city of Buenos Aires, however, in the suburbs, more precisely in Vicente López, the idea of the bus had already been born in 1924).[8] Soon after, they saw the need for a new bus service, which would be the first one in the city.

Soon after, they saw the need to carve the cars to include more passengers. José Fonte and José Chiofalo were the first colectivo to have this type of bodywork, and it was made by Calzón y Rodríguez Hnos. In this way, 11 passengers could enter: three in the back, three in the middle, one in the front, two in each side of each side, and two more next to the “chauffeur”. If the one in the back had to get off, the others had to get off to let him pass.[11] The other passengers had to get off to let him pass.

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In the school playground, for about 50 minutes, some skills workshops will be held, so that students acquire skills on bicycles. Through these simple games, it is intended that they know how to react to the problems they may encounter in the street, in real life. This will be done through the following exercises:

The Department of Transport and Communications of the Cabildo of Fuerteventura, launched in 2004 a program of talks on road safety education in high schools on the island. With this initiative, quite practical, it has tried to make young people think again and realize the responsibility they acquire when they get behind the wheel of a car, or at the controls of a motorcycle. Recommendations such as wearing a helmet or not drinking when driving can save more lives than they might think.

To this end, we intend to carry out a series of actions aimed at meeting the specific needs of each sector of society. But this work is not intended to be imposed. In this sense, the method we use is to send this catalog to all schools on the island, the Federation of Parents of the Island, the Island Delegation of Education, Local Police, etc..

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Cloudy coastal desert climate: this climatic subtype is located along the entire coast of the region. It presents abundant morning fogs, or “camanchacas”, originated mainly by the influence of the cold Humboldt current; this climatic subtype is present in Arica with an average annual temperature of 18.8° C, and there is a predominance of annual rainfall of less than 3 mm on the coast.

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Inland desert climate: it is located in the pampas, above 1,000 meters above sea level and without coastal oceanic influence. This subtype is characterized by extreme aridity, where annual rainfall is 0 mm, and average temperatures reach 18°C. Characteristic of this climate are days with clear skies and lots of light, and drier than the coastal desert climate, the average relative humidity is 50%.

The biogeographical characteristics are related to the climatic conditions and the relief units of this region. The scarcity of water, the strong temperatures and the pronounced thermal amplitudes mark a very particular type of vegetation.

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