Who fought for the rights of immigrants?

Eu-migrationspakt zusammenfassung

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Eu migration pact 2022

We stand in solidarity with people on the run. As a migrant organization, we know what it means to leave your home country. The Mediterranean Sea must connect people and must not be a deadly place of denied hospitality and humanity.

The Association of Protestant Youth Saar (aej saar) is the umbrella organization of Protestant youth in Saarland. It is responsible for the representation of the protestant youth in Saarland.

The BAG K+R is an association of almost 45 initiatives, organizations and working groups that constructively oppose group-related misanthropy (GMF) inside and outside the churches.

We are the youth organization of the German Mountain and Hiking Associations in North Rhine-Westphalia. We are party-politically and denominationally unbound. The sustainable handling in and with nature and environment as well as active, age-specific nature experiences are the main focus of our work.

We are a group of voluntary workers in a parish, which have the problems of the One World in mind and the parish through various actions, the difficulty of justice worldwide to keep awake.

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