What is a recoverable hardship payment?

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This service offers, on a temporary or permanent basis, individualized and comprehensive care during the daytime period to dependent persons, persons with disabilities and persons with chronic mental illness, with the aim of improving or maintaining their level of personal autonomy, compensating for their functional limitations and providing support to their usual caregivers, through preventive, enabling and assistance services aimed at training and development of skills for personal autonomy and participation in the community environment. It is a medium and high intensity service, which guarantees: a) the permanent presence of caregivers – and of educational personnel in the second type of service or center – during opening hours; b) the provision of a medical and nursing service, where appropriate; c) the support of a multidisciplinary team of professionals with the appropriate profiles for the provision of comprehensive care aimed at physical, psychological and social well-being. In its operation, criteria of flexibility will be applied to allow a use of the service more adapted to the needs and preferences of the user.

What is a recoverable hardship payment? del momento

For this reason, aid is established for associations of breeders of native Galician livestock breeds, officially recognized by the autonomous community, and which develop actions aimed at the promotion of these breeds.

1. The present order has as object to establish the bases by which will be governed the concession of aids of the Consellería del Medio Rural destined to the organizations or associations of breeders recognized by the Autonomous Community of Galicia, for the promotion of the Galician autochthonous breeds.

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The organizations or associations of breeders of the Galician autochthonous breeds, recognized by the Autonomous Community, that fulfill the following requirements will be able to benefit from the aids described in this order:

b) To fulfill the requirements demanded by the articles 13.2 and 13.3 of the Law 38/2003, of 17 of November, general of subsidies and, in its case, the collected in the articles 10.2 and 10.3 of the Law 9/2007, of 13 of June, of subsidies of Galicia.

What is a recoverable hardship payment? online

Self-employedSelf-employed persons and companies will be able to defer the payment of their Social Security contributions for six months. As a result of the state of alarm and restrictions, many self-employed had to close their businesses, so the Government implemented a benefit for termination of activity, which was recovered until January 31, extended until September 30 and then until January 31, 2022.

RentsThe Government articulates rental subsidies and contracts are automatically renewed. After the state of alarm, the Executive extended these measures until September, then extended them until January 31 and then extended them until May 9, when the new state of alarm period ended. The Council of Ministers extended it for three months, until August 9 and then until October 31.

MortgagesA new moratorium for mortgages or consumer loans allows the families most affected by the crisis to defer for nine months the payment of the “principal and interest of their loans with and without mortgage guarantee”, a measure whose term ended on March 30.  It can be applied to the habitual residence, to a place to develop a business or to a rented house in which the mortgaged owner does not receive the rent.  The Government spokeswoman has specified that it will “fundamentally” benefit vulnerable households and workers, as well as tourism or transport companies with a 40% reduction in turnover during the pandemic.

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What is a recoverable hardship payment? 2022

This is a service of a welfare and preventive nature aimed at helping the user in a situation of dependency, or at risk of dependency, to remain at home, offering him/her domestic and personal care assistance to enable him/her to develop in his/her own home and integrate into the community environment, avoiding situations of isolation. Only those who receive personal care or are at risk of dependency will be able to access domestic care.

When it is compatible with other services or non-economic benefits, a reduction in the maximum intensities will be applied. This reduction will not be applied when it is compatible with the telecare service.

Respite service for the main caregiver through the temporary access of the person in a situation or at risk of dependency to the SAD or the temporary reinforcement of the intensity already offered in this service.

This service consists of a set of relational socio-educational and/or psychosocial support services -of an individual, family and/or group nature- that can be provided both in the family home (domestic education, basic family intervention) and in the community environment (street education, sociocultural intermediation).