What is John Augustus known for?

Batata’, heir of ‘Cholo Jacinto’: everything about the capture of ‘Batata’, heir of ‘Cholo Jacinto’.

The defendant and the defendant in guarantee request the revocation of the sentence in the sense of attributing to the plaintiff a greater degree of responsibility in the production of the accident, substantially, because they consider that the Judge did not duly appreciate the actions of the motorcycle driver in the production of the offense, such as the violation of the provisions of Article 42 of Law 24.449. They understand that if the plaintiff had circulated with due attention, at moderate speed, with adequate distance from the vehicle and on the right side of the roadway, he would not have rammed the defendant’s vehicle.

In the first place, in view of the terms of the claims, the “thema decidendum” is to determine whether or not the decision of the Judge of origin to exempt 30% of the defendant’s liability is correct.

The parties have also not questioned that the present case should be judged by applying the provisions of section 1113, 2nd paragraph, 2nd sentence of the Civil Code (law 340), a rule on which the “theory of created risk” was developed, pursuant to the provisions of section 7 of the Civil and Commercial Code (law 26.994), since it deals with the consequences of a past event, which is therefore subject to the previous law (doct. sections 260, 261, 266 “in fine” of the CPCC).

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Sandino traveled to Honduras in 1920 and to Guatemala in 1923, where he worked in the United Fruit plantations. Later he went to Mexico, where he met with leaders of various trade union, labor, socialist and anarchist groups. He learned about the union struggles and the U.S. aggression against Mexico to gain control of the oil fields, as well as the Mexican Revolution and the constant struggles of the working class.

After failing to defeat Sandino, U.S. President Herbert C. Hoover ordered the withdrawal of the troops deployed in Nicaragua, which caused Sandino in 1933 to begin negotiations with the Nicaraguan government to lay down his arms and return to civilian life.

However, his political prestige continued to be a threat to the country’s leaders and Anastasio Somoza, then head of the National Guard ordered his arrest, on February 21, 1934, after attending a dinner at La Loma (Presidential Palace), Together with the writer Sofonías Salvatierra (Sacasa’s Minister of Agriculture) and his lieutenants, Generals Francisco Estrada and Juan Pablo Umanzor, invited by Juan Bautista Sacasa, he was arrested by Major Lisandro Delgadillo and taken to El Hormiguero prison.

Carthage and Hannibal: Rome’s most fearsome foe

Narrative in other languages. French. 205 pp. + 1 respect leaf, 20×14 cm, Editorial Daedalus, Madrid, April 1931. The present volume retains all the bibliographical characteristics corresponding to the edition we present, although with the spine a little rubbed, it is in good condition and the binding is in excellent condition. . Item Ref. No. 083841f567dbcd5d954071ee805ada03

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Juan Carlos Ferrando and the battle against the executioner of his

The Encarnación journalist was brutally assaulted by Carnival guards while covering the popular festival. They also destroyed his camera. The repudiation of the aggression and the solidarity with the press worker was unanimous.

Posadas (Tuesday, January 23). A group of Carnival guards from Encarnación beat up Juan Augusto Roa Bartz, a journalist from Encarnación and correspondent of the newspaper ABC Color of Asunción, and destroyed his camera during the beginning of the popular festival, with the excuse that the press worker was in a forbidden place and that he disobeyed the order to leave the place.

Juan, a colleague known on both sides of the vernacular border for his impeccable work as a journalist but also for his human qualities, his solidarity and integrity, ended up with visible injuries on his face and others on the rest of his body, and with his work tool destroyed.

Over the weekend, the journalists and photojournalists of Encarnación repudiated the aggression against Roa in front of the sambódromo of the city and asked for more security and justice in the face of the incident. In the same sense, Misiones Plural condemns the violent act, we sympathize with our colleague, we hope that those responsible will be punished and we hope that the necessary guarantees will be provided for journalists to be able to do their work, on any subject and in any environment.

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