What is legal noncompliance?

Non-compliance examples

This work is limited to the Chilean legal system. It will specifically address the duty of information that is incumbent upon the lawyer once the contractual relationship with the client has been perfected. For this purpose, it will elucidate the basis of this duty, the characteristics of this obligation in relation to its content and timeliness, and will define the consequences of its breach.

It will elucidate the basis of this duty and the characteristics of this obligation in relation to its content and the opportunity it represents, and will, moreover, define the consequences of non-compliance.

The fulfillment of the duty of information is transcendental to maintain a balance in the relationship between lawyer and client, due to the problem of asymmetry of information and the problem of limited rationality. These two problems are very common in the field of professional services, since, in general, the client does not have the specific knowledge to determine or negotiate the conditions of the contract he/she enters into with the professional (information asymmetry problem). In turn, the client does not have the capacity to adequately process the information provided by the professional, which prevents him from assessing whether what the professional recommends is suitable for the situation he is consulting (problem of limited rationality).

What is a breach of obligations?

The non-fulfillment of the obligations occurs when an exact performance of the obligation, fulfilling all the objective requirements of the payment (identity, integrity and indivisibility) and in which the tenor of the obligation is not contravened in any way.

What is partial non-compliance?

Non-performance may be: Total: when the obligor simply does not perform the due performance. Partial: when the obligor performs only part of the performance.

What are the consequences of non-compliance with the obligations?

The delay or breach of contractual obligations by one of the parties gives rise to an event of default and, after the granting of a cure period, as the case may be, entitles the other party to request (i) the forced performance of the contract or (ii) the recision of the contract (with indemnification …

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What laws mean

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What are the effects of non-compliance with the obligations?

The breach of an obligation brings with it a series of legal and factual effects between the parties that entered into the legal act, including the following: Whoever is obliged to provide a fact and fails to provide it or does not provide it as agreed, shall be liable for the damages and …

How to claim breach of contract?

How to sue for breach of contract? The claim must be drafted by a lawyer, and it must indicate the identity of the plaintiff, the identity of the defendant, the causes and reasons for which the breach of contract claim is filed and what is requested with it.

What happens if a verbal contract is breached?

At the legal level, a breach of contract is of a civil nature, so there could be no imprisonment. However, the possibility of a criminal action arises when it can be demonstrated that within the contract there was no good faith, but that it is a swindle.

Types of breach of contract

The second is that for the unifying purposes attributed to it in modern times, non-performance is objective – it does not require fault or fraud – and is “the result of the simple finding of the lack of coincidence between the ideal datum (what was promised) and the real datum (what was performed by the obligor), and the consequent dissatisfaction of the obligee’s interest “17. This notion is integrated into the particular case of each of the remedies18-19.

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If the unfulfilled obligation is negative, the proof of the breach will correspond to the obligee, without prejudice to the fact that, on some occasions, the obligor will also have to prove the fulfillment of the positive obligations that are connected with it33. Finally, in the case of an anticipatory breach, the obligee must also prove the objective facts that constitute such breach34.

a. The first is constructed on the basis of those typical forms of remedy that are offered as alternatives at the choice of the affected consumer38 . In this sense we can mention: a) the free repair of the good, b) the replacement of the good and c) the refund of the amount paid (art. 20), in the case of products; and a) the provision of the service at no cost to the consumer and b) the refund of the amount paid by the consumer to the supplier, in the case of services (art. 41). All these seem to respond to the classic typology of remedies contained in art. 1489 CC39. Thus, the return of the amount paid will indeed be a form of termination, while free repair, replacement and new performance of the service will constitute forms of forced performance. For this reason, the doctrine has not hesitated to qualify the liability arising from the exercise of these actions as objective40. These are extrajudicial actions41 , which are articulated around the unitary concept of non-performance. Exceptions to the above are quantitative non-conformities, regulated in Art. 1942.

How does a breach of contract affect the company?

What are the consequences of breach of contract? In the event that one of the contracting parties fails to comply with its contractual obligations, it entitles the other party to demand compulsory performance or termination of the contract, plus the payment of compensation and payment of damages.

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How long do I have to sue for breach of contract?

The action or claim for the performance of a contract must be filed before the expiration of the statute of limitations, which may be 5 years or 10 years, depending on whether it is an ordinary or executive action.

When is an oral contract valid?

The verbal contract is perfectly valid except in those cases in which the law requires it to be in written form, as in the case of creation, modification or extinction of real rights over real estate, for which a public deed before a Notary Public is required.

How to pronounce non-performance

The breach of contract is a breach in a material sense that occurs when the contract is disobeyed by not carrying out or doing it in an incorrect way some of the clauses that are seen in the contract:

It is advisable, before terminating a contract for a breach, to denounce by a burofax, notary, certified email, etc., the breach and obtain compliance with an express warning of termination.

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