What is screening in AML?

Leukemia conclusion

Leukemia is a cancer of the blood and bone marrow that occurs when abnormal leukocytes form in the bone marrow and divide uncontrollably. Under normal conditions, white blood cells or leukocytes are the body’s natural defense against infection. Abnormal leukemia leukocytes (or leukemia cells) do not die at the same rate as normal leukocytes. On the contrary, they accumulate and multiply so much that they end up preventing the development of the other normal cells in the bone marrow, such as red blood cells, platelets and the rest of the normal leukocytes and their precursors. This can lead to tissues not getting enough oxygen (anemia), excessive bleeding and repeated infections.

The cause of most leukemias is unknown, although it is known that exposure to radiation, benzene and some anticancer drugs increases the risk of developing leukemia, and that a few cases are associated with genetic disorders or rare viral infections.

Acute leukemia mds

Likewise, those who are part of the commercial areas of the municipality may request the PCR test by providing the Health Services Management with their data, contact telephone number and company to which they belong.

The manager explains that the aim of this screening is to increase the capacity for early detection and possible asymptomatic positives and insists on the suitability of all those persons included in the target population.

Along these lines, the director of the La Palma Health Area, Kilian Sanchez, calls for collaboration and indicates that, although the test is voluntary, it is highly recommended that all those who meet the requirements take it, since it is considered that they are more exposed as they are in contact with a high flow of people in their work activity.

Types of Acute Myeloid Leukemia

The target, known as ZMYND8, is not a mutated gene, but an epigenetic regulatory protein that cancer cells need to control gene expression, crucial for staying alive and growing.

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“We have discovered that cancer cells in AML patients are highly dependent on ZMYND8 and, thanks to a sophisticated CRISPR-based screening method, we have pinpointed the exact ‘drug bag’ to target,” says senior author Junwei Shi, PhD.

CRISPR has enabled scientists to not only modify genes more easily and less expensively than previous approaches, but also allowed them to simultaneously search for thousands of specific functional protein domains with high potential for therapeutic targeting.

The researchers also found a biomarker-the expression level or epigenetic status of the IRF8 gene in AML cells-to predict the sensitivity of cancer cells to a ZMYND8 inhibitor. In addition, the researchers validated the high expression of IRF8 and the presence of the IRF8 DNA enhancer element using blood samples from patients treated at Penn Medicine to support their finding.

Jaundice leukemia

The Gerencia de Servicios Sanitarios del Área de Salud de La Gomera, attached to the Consejería de Sanidad del Gobierno de Canarias, has set up a voluntary screening available for those persons residing in the Canary Islands who visit the island during the months of July, August and September.

The tests will be free of charge and samples will be taken at the health centers of the municipality of residence or accommodation, from Monday to Friday from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. To participate in the screening, on arrival on the island, you must go to the sampling point in the health center of the municipality of destination, and prove your status as a traveler and Canary Island resident, showing boarding pass and ID card.

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Thus, in the La Cuesta Health Center, 323 people were screened and 18 positives were detected; in the San Isidro Health Center, attended by 874 people from Granadilla and San Miguel, 84 positives were confirmed, while in the Tíncer Health Center, 533 tests were performed on people from Barranco Grande and Tíncer, from which 25 positives were detected.