What sanctions can the NMC impose?

Cnmc decisions

The Full Chamber of the Constitutional Court, in exercise of its constitutional powers and in compliance with the requirements and formalities set forth in Decree Law 2067 of 1991, has issued the following decision

(i) The rule in question, which allows the dismissal of the employee who participates in the competition and does not occupy a place on the list of eligible candidates, which allows his appointment in strict order of merit, was already found in Article 24.3 of Decree Law 760 of 2005, declared constitutional by Ruling C-1119 of 2005, where it was examined whether such exception to the duty to dismiss did not comply with Article 39 of the Constitution.

There is material res judicata that is predicated of the judgment C-1119 of 2005 and, therefore, with respect to numeral 2 of Article 144 of Decree Law 071 of 2020, the Constitutional Court will abide by the decision of said judgment and, consequently, it will declare the executory nature of said provision.

(ii) The grounds for dismissal from the service that are in question are objective and do not imply a decision of the employer that needs to be examined as just cause for dismissal by the labor judge.

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On 09/13/17 the Labor Appeals Court (TAT) of Fourth Shift issued judgment 258/2017, which understood that the actions of a worker configured notorious misconduct, absolving the company from the payment of the Severance Payment (IPD) and consequently of the severance bonus. The arguments of the court decision contain some concepts that we believe it is appropriate to share with our readers.

The proof of the configuration of the NMC corresponds to the employer. In the case of a cause that imposes the maximum penalty on the employee, case law requires that such proof be “clear”, “full”, “firm”, “serious”, “efficient”, “certain”, “certain”, “complete”, “convincing”, “unquestionable”, “irrefragable”, “indubitable”, “rigorous”, “leaving no room for reasonable doubt”.

National Commission of Markets and Competition

The text offers reflections related to the new evaluation trends, focused on Higher Education, globalization, technological didactics, certification, accreditation, the challenges before the new trends, reforms and current evaluation trends, highlighting that changes are constant and that it is essential to adapt and put into practice the management of these methods, to dynamize the successful achievement of the objectives in function of the improvement of the educational quality.

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b. Increasing the flexibility of the system, both in a temporal sense (facilitating lifelong learning) and in an operational sense (facilitating the transition from the educational system to the labor market or between programs within the same educational system).

In this sense, self-evaluation and evaluation are proposed as a reflective, conscious, permanent and systematic action of the community on the different aspects that are part of the institutional life, the program and its practices; this contradicts the approach of self-evaluation and evaluation as requirements and obligatory actions to comply with an institutional formality.

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