Why has my JSA stopped?

Unemployment cancellation from abroad

Before October 20, for workers who are in total or partial inactivity on October 1. The starting date will be October 1. Within 15 working days from the effective date, when workers affected by the ERTE are affected at a later date. The starting date will be the first day that the measure affects them. The general rule of article 268 of the TRLGSS applies.

– Once activity periods have been sent for a worker, they must continue to be sent in the following months in which the worker is to receive benefits, until the ERTE is terminated. Otherwise, the benefit will be terminated.

– If the new file is rejected, you should contact the corresponding provincial management of the SEPE. – In order to avoid errors, the periods of activity must be reported on a monthly basis, with respect to the immediately preceding calendar month. Exceptionally, they can be submitted in the same month to which they refer, provided that there are no changes in the data.

How to suspend unemployment benefits?

The SEPE website, in fact, recognizes “the situation of maternity or paternity” as one of the requirements to be able to suspend the benefit. To do so, the citizen can enter the SEPE portal and, in the ‘People’ area, go to the ‘Benefits’ section, choose the option ‘Cancel your benefit’.

What does suspension of unemployment benefits mean?

The SUSPENSION of entitlement means the interruption of the payment of benefits and Social Security contributions for a certain period of time, after which the beneficiary resumes receiving the benefit as if nothing had happened, for the remaining time and at the same rates and bases as if nothing had happened.

How long can I interrupt unemployment?

There are several options: you can ask for the payment of the benefit or subsidy to be suspended so that you can recover it later if you resign from self-employment. The regulations allow you to keep the suspended benefit for a maximum of 5 years (60 months).

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Applying for unemployment benefits

This happens when the period for which you were granted the benefit ends. It will depend on several factors, such as the type of assistance you are receiving, for example, there are differences between whether you are receiving unemployment benefits or unemployment benefits.

If you have exhausted your benefit, we recommend that you go to your employment office to try to renew your benefit or ask for another benefit if you have one more available.

There are Social Security pensions, such as absolute permanent disabilities, which are incompatible with unemployment benefits, so if you have been granted one, this may be the reason why you have stopped receiving them.

If we have a garnishment order, less can be collected to take care of it, and even if this order is related to child support or compensatory pensions, the total amount can even be garnished.

This is an aid that is granted in an extraordinary way and that is paid in a different way than unemployment and unemployment benefits, this is because it is not considered a benefit but an aid that is offered as a support and does not have to be paid from the 1st to the 15th of each month. The conclusion is that there is no defined day for the amount to be paid.

How many times can unemployment benefits be resumed?

How many times can unemployment benefits be resumed? You can request it as many times as necessary, as long as you are entitled to receive it. There is no limit as such, as long as you comply with the deadlines established by the SEPE.

What happens if I fail a SEPE course?

If you fail, you can continue training in the next module until you complete it but you will not obtain the certificate at its completion, but a partial accreditation of the modules you have passed. This does not affect the employment contract.

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When do they take away your unemployment benefits?

All unemployment benefits can only be received until the worker retires, so the subsidy is normally terminated when the ordinary retirement age is reached. The retirement system is complex, so the personal situation of each worker must always be confirmed at the INSS.

How to suspend unemployment

Which are the companies that are part of the value chain or dependents of companies belonging to sectors with a high coverage rate and a low rate of recovery of activity?

How can companies prove that they are dependent or part of the value chain of companies belonging to sectors with a high rate of coverage and a low rate of recovery of activity?

The request for declaration as a dependent company or member of the value chain of a company belonging to a sector with a high rate of coverage and a low rate of recovery of activity must be submitted to the competent labor authority, together with an explanatory report or report and all the supporting documentation deemed appropriate, and the company must also inform the employees of this circumstance and send all the documentation to their representatives, if any.

Which is the competent labor authority to certify that a company belongs to the value chain or is economically dependent on companies belonging to sectors with a high coverage rate and a low activity recovery rate?

What is termination of benefits?

The right to unemployment benefits is terminated for the following reasons: Exhaustion of the period of duration of the benefit. Transfer of residence abroad of the worker, except in the cases determined by regulations. Death of the beneficiary.

How to reactivate the subsidy?

HOW CAN I RESUME MY UNEMPLOYMENT OR SUBSIDY AND WHAT IS THE DEADLINE FOR DOING SO? The application for the resumption of benefits can be submitted: Through the Internet, at the Electronic Headquarters of the State Public Employment Service, provided that you have a digital certificate, electronic ID or [email protected] username and password.

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What does it take to resume unemployment after maternity leave?

Once the maternity/paternity period has ended, and after reactivating the employment claim, you have 15 days to apply to your benefits office for the resumption of unemployment benefits.

Unemployment benefit

Once my file has been resolved, Lanbide will send me a written notification to my home address. If I am granted the RGI, they will tell me the amount, the arrears and from what date I will be paid. If they do not grant me the assistance, they will explain the reasons. In all the resolutions I will be informed of the appeals I can make if I disagree, where I have to do it and what the deadlines are.

Lanbide must resolve and notify me within a maximum period of 2 months from the date the application was submitted. The right to receive this aid is generated from the day following the date of registration of the application.

Foreigners without a residence permit must pay €11 to open an account at a bank (a prerequisite for receiving the benefit). The payment can be made directly at the savings bank or at the foreigners’ office, and some savings banks charge 3€ for the movements of the accounts (this can be obtained free of charge through the internet or by updating the passbook).